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Online Wein-Tasting - der Selbsttest - Vintage Kontor COVID-19, COVID19, Wein, Weinhändler, Winzer

Online wine tasting - the self-test

Online Wein-Tasting der Selbsttest


Because it was so nice, I have to make you happy again with a contribution on the subject of wine.
Wine is as old as time, and each of us has some nice memories of wine tastings and evenings together. The crisis is also hitting the winemakers hard, because without wine festivals and other face-to-face events there is no way of selling wines.
The restaurateurs are not really good customers either. The increased alcohol consumption per capita due to the national camp crash is not of much use.

The best way to enjoy wine is with friends and colleagues, which we are currently not allowed to do and which can lead to social withdrawal symptoms. But my dear colleague Ellen Kamrad, a creative event manager from Cologne, has come up with something so that we can continue to enjoy delicious drops together - because the people of Cologne are not that easy to shake off when it comes to having fun together. The idea: The "Corona-compliant wine tasting" was born quickly. How is that supposed to work? Quite simply: all communication between the winemaker and the guests takes place purely digitally via zoom, everyone with their little wine - and within the scope of the permitted possibilities with other people - on the couch at home, in the kitchen, or wherever it is cozy. Zoom Videokonferenz zum Online Weintasting

The crazy thing is that it doesn't matter where in the world the participants are sitting, and even how many take part in such a tasting. Basically, this opens up completely new possibilities, because apart from a few clean glasses and a stable internet connection, you don't need anything else.  

I wanted to have a look at that! After registering on the website, things took their course: the wine arrived home on time and safely packed a few days in advance. Four bottles of the most delicious droplets, along with a snack pack and instructions for the evening.

Shortly before the start, the link and access code were sent by email, logging into the zoom conference is completely uncomplicated - even understandable for people who do not spend the entire day in video conferences for work. The winemaker and moderator is live and in color on the screen, you can even interact with him, ask questions, etc. All participants are shown at the top in stamp size, and you even have the feeling of being among people. In this case we had the pleasure with the winemaker Christian Schaadt von der Mosel and Ellen Kamrad - who led the program in a funny and interesting way.

Ellen Kamrad und Winzer Christan Schardt


My conclusion after four wines: A super nice evening that doesn't end even after the 1.5 hour wine tasting - that's when it gets really funny. I think the idea is ideal to have a sense of community and normality with the usual team or best friends at least for a short moment. Try it out!

Take a look, here it goes to Registration

And if you still can't get enough: Ellen also offers tastings for coffee, cheese & wine and cooking courses ... everything digitally, at a distance, and yet with a lot of fun. Click here for the website

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