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Vintage metal box I Storage box I Industrial design I Storage I Schäfer I Lagerfix

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Lagerfix metal box with a strong patina from the 50s and 60s. These metal boxes have been manufactured by the Schäfer company since 1952. As an indestructible and versatile storage system, they are indispensable in many workshops. There are also many possible uses for the living area to create a stylish industrial look. Planted in the garden, a shelf for the living room or a new wardrobe. All sorts of things can be built from these boxes. But it also makes a difference as a decorative one-off piece. Attention: Every single box looks different. The boxes you have ordered differ slightly from the photos. Price per box All of our items are vintage products! That means - they are at least 20 years old. They were needed and have left their mark. However, our items are shipped clean and usable and will bring a lot of joy to their new owners.
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