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Die Ausrichtung eines Raumes berücksichtigen -

Consider the orientation of a room

When choosing a color tone for your home, the orientation of the room is an important factor.

The amount and direction of light entering a room can completely change the appearance of a color. Once you have made a shortlist of options from our color chart, we always recommend testing the colors on site to ensure you choose a color that will blend well with your scheme.

Whether a room is flooded with natural light or the light changes significantly throughout the day, the orientation of each room should be considered separately to ensure you choose a shade that complements the space.


South facing rooms 

In south-facing rooms, the light is typically warmer, so colors can often appear more yellow. This means that cooler whites like “ French Gray Pale ” or “ Gauze ” are more likely to be perceived as neutral whites. Warmer whites like " White Lead " or " First Light " appear more creamy.

Bold, bold yellows like " Yellow Pink " exude warmth, while dark blues like " Marine Blue " and " Hicks' Blue " can be used in place of grays and blacks to create a neutral scheme with more depth.



North facing rooms

Colors in north-facing rooms consistently appear flatter and cooler than when bathed in natural light. Lighter blues and greens can appear cold, but experiment with bolder green-blues like " Air Force Blue " or " Canton " for a warming effect. If you're looking for something more neutral, shades with a pink or yellow undertone like " Rolling Fog " or " Stock " provide a boost when used in an all-over scheme. 

West facing rooms

Natural light in west and east facing rooms changes dramatically throughout the day, so the function of the room is an important factor. Optimize changing light by varying the strength of the tones used within the neutral color scheme. The "Color Scale" families offer four strengths of the same pigment that can be combined to create a harmonious scheme. Use bold accent colors on architectural features or woodwork to create a strong highlight.


East facing rooms

If the bedroom or perhaps the kitchen faces east, you should take advantage of the morning light with a bold or bright color to wake up. Neutral colors with a cool, blue or green undertone create balance and appear more subdued and restful in the evening light.


If you need color advice, just write to us or stop by the Vintage Kontor.  

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