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Stilvolle Opulenz mit Little Greene -

Stylish opulence with Little Greene

Large floral ornaments, shimmering colors, playful elements, noticeable plasticity - for a moment it feels like you are standing in the Palace of Versailles - and it is the wallpaper " Versailles Royale " by Little Greene that adorns the wall. The damask and ornamental wallpapers can give an ordinary room a royal look without being intrusive.

Versailles für zuhause: Die Tapete Versailles Royale.

Versailles for your home: The Versailles Royale wallpaper.

Is it dark in castles? No - it is a common misconception that the colors used in historical decorations were exclusively sombre. The “ Bonaparte pure Gold ” wallpaper shown here is a reworking of an authentic 19th century French damask. The rich tones, layers and gradations reproduced here match exactly with the original wallpapers and yet ensure a very modern, bright atmosphere.

Große Muster und warme Farben wie bei der Bonaparte Pure Gold wirken eindrucksvoll und dennoch gemütlich.

Large patterns and warm colors like the Bonaparte Pure Gold look impressive yet cozy.

Stylish opulence can enter any type of space. However, in large rooms there is sometimes a feeling of being a little lost. If the walls are decorated in warm colors and large patterns are wallpapered, a large room can be visually reduced. However, if space is limited, a single accent wall can be covered with wallpaper with a large pattern to give the room more depth.

Der metallische Effekt der Tapete St. James Park schenkt dem Raum mehr Licht.

The metallic effect of the St. James Park wallpaper gives the room more light.

The colors of the Little Greene wallpapers are also available as wall paint - so the theme of a wallpaper can be picked up in color, which makes the room look harmonious. The slightly metallic effect of the St. James Park wallpaper also reflects light and brightens the walls without any additional light source. This makes the room appear friendly and inviting. Stylish drama and impressive effects are easy to achieve with Little Greene wallpapers and possible in any room

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