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Little Greene für den eigenen Garten -

Little Greene for your own garden

Especially now we are looking forward to some time in the fresh air. If we have a balcony, a terrace or even our own garden, that is a gift in the current situation.

This means you can read a book at home with the birds chirping, drink a homemade coffee in the afternoon sun or enjoy a meal outside. To do this, the outdoor furniture should be made ready for the season.


Spring is colorful and with LITTLE GREENE this can easily be transferred to our garden furniture - so we still have a variety of colors in summer and autumn, when the flowers have long since faded. The Intelligent Exterior Eggshell paint from LITTLE GREENE is suitable for this. Available in all LITTLE GREENE colors, this paint offers an extremely durable and flexible finish.

Dezente Naturtöne und leuchtendes Rot – ein schönes Farbspiel für den Garten.

Outside is the Intelligent Exterior Eggshell Varnish is a true all-rounder: It is weatherproof, UV-resistant and completely resistant to fungal and algae growth. It even sticks to appropriately pre-treated metal. For example, outdoor furniture can be painted in the same tone as fences and railings.

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Mit farblich abgesetzten Details entsteht ein raffiniertes Gesamtbild.

Color mixes are also possible, as the paint is available in 1l cans and so even smaller areas can be treated without too much excess. Like in the picture above, for example.

The Intelligent Exterior Eggshell paint is rather matt with a glaze level of 15%. If you want it to be a little shinier, you can use the Intelligent Gloss (85% gloss level). This paint is also water-based and is suitable for outdoor use. Professional tip: After the first coat, roughen the surface very slightly with a fine sanding sponge. Then the second layer will adhere even better and the result will be even more even.

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