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Inspiration for your bedroom

Living ideas for your home

A bedroom should look like a cozy nest, a cozy haven
hugging you gently at the end of the day. Fancy a makeover for your
Bedchamber? Then let yourself be inspired by soft colors, warm neutral tones and
stylish patterns to create a haven of peace. Immerse yourself in
our bedroom decorations and let you create your own little oasis

Pavona - Sylvie bedroom

This extravagant, vibrant peacock design is a beautiful example of late 19th century wallpaper printing. It was found on a wall of a lobby at Erddig Hall in Wales, installed there in the 1870s, and has the painterly finish of traditional Chinese silk. The pattern features peacocks on branches as well as flowers, leaves and other birds and is typical of wallpapers and fabrics made for the Western elite and their enthusiasm for Chinese design. This wallpaper is available in eight vibrant colorways, including elegant pale and more intensely colored, with a dark base and even shimmering gold.

The color matches:

Royal Navy 257

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Bedrooms are real oases of well-being! A place of comfort and relaxation. We personally swear by soft green tones and calming shades of blue or earthy color combinations like Nether Red and French Gray Dark . They create a calm atmosphere full of serenity and
Peace - simply heavenly!

Basalt bedroom

The striking color basalt highlights lighter decorative elements and gives your bedroom elegance.

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Aderyn bedroom

In the late 18th century, Erddig in Wales was the family home of Philip Yorke and his wife Elizabeth. You may have chosen this hand-painted Chinese wallpaper, lavishly decorated with exquisite birds and flowers, for the property's guest room. The original painting was delicate and delicately designed with birds appearing in pairs - a subtle reference to the Chinese concept of yin and yang. Flowers shown here include magnolias and peonies. Numerous elements of the original have been taken and transformed into a versatile and contemporary bird and floral pattern in five special color variations.

The colors match:

Slaked Lime 105

French Gray - Dark 163

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Burges Butterfly Bedroom

“Burges Butterfly” adorns the walls of the boudoir at Knightshayes Court country house in Devon and was designed by William Burges (1827-1881), a Gothic Revival architect and designer. It is clearly linked to another wallpaper from the same period, the “Burges Snail”. Like 'Burges Snail', the design has no deeper historical connection to Knightshayes Court, Burges' only complete manor house, but is another Burges pattern influenced by his passion for the architecture and art of medieval Europe and Asian design .

The colors match:

Hicks Blue 208

Boringdon Green 295

Slaked Lime 105

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Hencroft bedroom

The extensive work of William Morris and his Arts & Crafts Movement is well documented in the National Trust's portfolio, not least in his own home, the Red House in London. He was a visitor, "student" and 19th century influencer, so to speak, at Hencroft Works in Leek, where his friend Thomas Wardle taught and experimented with dyeing fabrics and wallpapers with natural inks. This design - an embroidered repeating pattern with stylized cowslips - was discovered at Wardle's sewing school in Leek and effortlessly translated into a wallpaper design in eight stunning colorways.

The colors match:

Loft White 222

Pea Green 91

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Dock Blue Bedroom

With its deep indigo blue, Dock Blue is a generous and good-natured color: a little warmer than its greener sister Royal Navy.

The wallpaper Beech Nut - Rubine is a perfect match .

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Palais bedroom

A classic interpretation of this pattern, so typical of French wallpaper panels produced by the manufacturer Réveillon from the end of the 18th century. The design was block printed in eighteen colors on 47cm narrow paper and repeats vertically every 67cm. The size, style and finish of the original design have been retained, depicting floral bouquets and arrangements with decorative draping and arabesques.

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Bedroom Stag Toile

This 19th-century monochrome print of a forest with deer on English linen is much less formal than the typical Toile de Jouy designs that emerged in France in the late 18th century.

The matching color would be:

Perennial Gray 245

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Fern attic bedroom

The popularity of screen printing among designers and artists in the mid-twentieth century was a testament to the quality of printing, the versatility of patterns, and their subsequent color implementation that was suddenly feasible. Decorative silhouettes were particularly effective, and designs based on ferns or other ornamental plants can be found in a number of sources.

The appropriate color would be:

Middle Buff

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Bedroom Pomegranate - Prophet

This Baroque design is a rare and very early find, discovered by the National Trust among tapestries at Erddig Hall in Wales. It was printed in blocks onto handmade paper panels that were nailed directly to the wall (rather than gluing them); When they were removed, the oldest verified tax stamp was found on the back. The colorful yellow original has been slimmed down into four colorways. Three additional color combinations ensure that this cheerful paisley design can also be used in a variety of ways in modern interiors.

The matching colors would be:

Portland Stone - Dark 157

Portland Stone 77

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Little Greene in the Vintage Kontor

If you have any questions or need help choosing wallpaper or colors, please feel free to contact us HERE and we will call you back or stop by our store in Kirchen/Sieg . We also have wallpaper samples and all colors in stock in small sample containers.