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How to paint a front door

The front door is a real eye-catcher in the house and is often the first thing that catches the eye. You can make a visual statement by choosing a hue that sets the tone for your home. It is also important to follow proper painting procedures to achieve maximum impact.

Deciding on the color of your front door often comes down to personal preference. But it's also worth considering colors that match your existing house and the brickwork.

Whether you choose a bold color, a subtle hue, or a unique design, the end result should welcome you home every day.


Instructions for painting your front door

Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to paint different types of front doors.

Which paint finish should I choose for my front door?

Our water-based Intelligent Exterior Eggshell and Intelligent Glossoffer a strong and durable finish that is perfect for front doors. They are easy to apply, dry quickly, have no odor and are available in all Little Greene shades.

Intelligent Gloss has a gloss level of 80%, which looks particularly elegant in darker shades such as Dock Blue or Basalt. With a gloss level of just 15%, our Intelligent Exterior Eggshell is perfect for those who want a flat finish.


Dorchester Pink - Mid

Which paint finish should I choose for my front door?

After you have decided on a suitable color, you only need a few things to paint the front door:

  • A high-quality primer - we recommend our Intelligent ASP (All Surface Primer)
  • Little Greene exterior paint, such as Intelligent Gloss or Intelligent Exterior Eggshell in the shade of your choice
  • Dusters
  • Medium grit sandpaper
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • High quality brush

How to prepare a wooden door for painting

1. First remove all fittings from the door, e.g. B. the door handle and the locks.

2. Sand the door with medium grit sandpaper. This will remove any shine or loose paint.

3. Clean the door with a soft cloth to remove any remaining dust.

4. Apply a coat of Little Greene All Surface Primer and allow to dry.

Ho Ho Green

How to prepare a PVC door for painting

The steps for painting a PVC front door are similar to those for a wooden door.

1. Remove any scales from the door and fill any holes or previously damaged areas.

2. Apply our smart primer ASP (All Surface Primer) to give your door extra protection and color depth. Once dry, apply a second coat of Intelligent ASP.

3. Follow our instructions for painting a paneled or flush front door (see below).


Mister David

How to paint a paneled front door

1. Choose a quality brush for painting a paneled door. The brush is very important to achieve a professional and high quality result.

2. Apply the desired color in the direction of the grain to avoid streaking.

3. Paint the door in sections, starting with the panel moldings first and then the interior panels.

4. Next, paint the center post and then the horizontal panels (or crossbars).

5. Finally, paint the outer panels and finally the edges of the door.


How to paint a flush front door

1. Paint flush front doors in sections to create an even look.

2. When each section is finished, use horizontal strokes to connect the painted sections together.

3. Remember to keep the edges moist. If you let the surface dry before blending, the work will look uneven and messy.


Choosing the color for the front door with our creative director Ruth

LITTLE GREENE Creative Director, Ruth Mottershead, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about front doors. Read their expert advice on choosing the ideal front door color for a warm welcome.

Celestial Blue

What are the most popular colors for front doors?

For something dark, Ruth recommends an off-black or a dark blue like Basalt: "It is elegant and sophisticated and goes well with brass furniture".

Another favorite is Celestial Blue. Ruth says: "This color is one of the oldest on our color chart, dating back to 1807. A delicate, soft blue that goes great with red brickwork or stone in a country cottage style.

"A really strong, confident green is a very pleasant color for outdoors. Harley Green fits well here as we are surrounded by green in our natural environment." Choose a modern shade of green that reflects the outdoor location.


Pea Green

Which color should I choose for my front door?

Ruth adds that choosing the right shade of front door can have a big impact on your home: "Your front door is the lipstick of your house. It is the smile on the front of your house, so choosing the color for the front door is certainly an important decision. Your front door is the first impression visitors get of your personality.

If you're looking for something dark and elegant, Ruth recommends a dark shade. If you're looking for something bright or playful, consider choosing reds or bold blues like smalt and woad.

To add a little personality to your outdoor space, use the bright, striking Mister David. Ruth advises: "This yellow color is a real eye-catcher and will put a smile on the faces of your guests and passers-by.

According to Ruth, a classic option is medium-strong colors. Muted pastel tones like Aquamarine are perfect for a calm finish.

Ruth adds: "For a really strong contrast, choose a white or neutral tone. Shirting or Loft White stand out from dark facades."

How can I choose a color that matches the accessories on my door?

Ruth says: "For chrome accessories, choose more cheerful pastel colors such as Light Peachblossom and Boringdon Green. If you prefer more traditional brass door fittings, choose darker tones such as Lamp Black, Obsidian Green or Basalt."


How can I make sure the front door fits in with the rest of the house?

Ruth says: "There are a number of considerations when choosing the color of your front door. The first is the brickwork or plasterwork: has the house been previously painted? Is there a color in the brickwork that you can pull out and match with the front door ?Many of our homes are decorated in stone tones, and warm neutrals work well with them.

Try Hammockthat can be combined very well with Bath Stone. Or try Canton if you are a little more playful. If you want to achieve a sophisticated, elegant look, choose basalt as a strong contrast.

To complement darker tones, Ruth recommends a soft blue like Bone China Blue. She adds: "If your home is painted white or off-white, a monochrome scheme offers a modern, harmonious finish. Consider using 'Jack Black' or 'Obsidian Green ' for your house entrance".

To accompany red brick buildings, she recommends a strong, striking green like Harley Green. This natural color combines very well with warm red tones.

 You can find all the colors HERE

We have an overview of the different color types / finishes listed HERE

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