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Upcycling furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture that urgently needs an update?

Maybe your own living style has changed, but the piece of furniture is actually still beautiful and practical. 

Or you have a piece from your beloved grandma, but it doesn't fit into your home at all.    

Yes, we will beautify your furniture and take it to a new level. You can accomplish a lot with sandpaper, stain, and oils. Or, depending on what look you want, with a colorful design with the fantastic Colors from Little Greene. To ensure quality, we only use the excellent colors from Little Greene.    

Depending on what you want, we can also discuss other creative techniques with you for your personal unique piece.

Regarding the prices for a refurbishment:

We estimate 65 € gross per hour.

There is also a flat rate of 25 euros for consumables such as brushes, rollers, brush cleaners, sandpaper, adhesive tape, etc.  

Pickup and delivery: We have various transport options. If you wish, we will be happy to pick up the pieces of furniture that need to be processed and deliver them again. The price is only 25 euros within a 20km radius. 

Cleaning:The furniture is often dirty or greasy, depending on where it was placed. So before sanding we clean them. With a pre-cleaning we have a good foundation, which also saves sandpaper.  

Sanding: The furniture is sanded after cleaning.

This varies in terms of effort depending on the piece of furniture. If a cabinet has a lot of corners and edges, more work needs to be done by hand. So it takes longer.

With straight-lined furniture, sanding is quicker by hand and you can do almost everything with the sander.

Painting: If you would like to have the cupboard colored, you can choose a suitable color from Little Greene's extensive color cards.

We only paint with Little Greene, otherwise we cannot guarantee the quality of the result.  

You can buy the color from us online or in store.

We will of course advise you on how much paint or primer / ASP needs to be ordered, or which finish is the right one.

You will receive your leftover paint with the furniture.

Oil: Some furniture is simply unbeatably beautiful in natural wood. It would be a shame to paint over the great wood. If you wish, we can simply bring out the beauty of the wood again. Using oil and stain gives fantastic results. 

HERE you can take a look at the colors. 

Color cards and Sample Potts are available in our store as perfect decision-making aids. The sample pots, as Little Greene calls the small sample pots, are perfect for a test coat and for letting the color work in the right environment. 

By the way, we are not a carpentry company. That's why we limit ourselves to redesigning sturdy, used furniture that simply needs a new look.  

Here are a few examples of our upcycling projects:

Upcycling Chippendale furniture

We look forward to your request. It's best to write to us directly below or send us a few photos with measurements to Then we can get an idea and calculate a price. 

A personal consultation in the store of course always makes sense. After all, the furniture should be enjoyable for a long time to come.

Greetings, your team at Vintage Kontor


Frequently asked questions

For quality reasons, we do not work with chalk paint. The solvent-free colors from Little Greene are also available for every look. This way we can achieve a desired shabby look - should that be desired.   

Can I bring my own paint? It is not possible for us to bring your own paint for upcycling furniture. We only work with Little Greene colors.