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How to paint kitchen cabinets

There's a lot to do in the modern kitchen: you cook and eat here and spend a lot of time here, so when designing or remodeling your kitchen you should consider both beauty and practicality.

The chemists at Little Greene have developed a color finish for exactly this. Our painting Intelligent Satinwood is the ideal finish for kitchen cabinets. The paint dries to a beautiful satin finish, providing the doors and wooden elements in your kitchen with protection, durability and a velvety touch without being too shiny. So you don't have to choose between beauty and practicality - choose your favorite Little Greene shade and rest assured the paint will withstand the wear and tear of a modern family home.


Step by Step Guide – How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets 

We have this step-by-step guide for painting kitchen cabinets with Intelligent Satinwood and Intelligent ASP (All Surface Primer) compiled.

Prime and prepare

  1. First remove the handles and then remove the door from the hinge.
  2. If you are painting new or untreated wood, you must ensure that the doors are completely clean and that resin-rich knots in softwood and any hardwood are sealed with Aluminum Wood Primer or a suitable agent.
  3. Previously painted wooden elements must be carefully cleaned and sandblasted to remove loose or peeling paint. Wipe the door with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Apply a coat of Intelligent ASP (All Surface Primer). How to achieve the color you want with fewer coats; In addition, the surface is perfectly primed for painting. After application, the primer dries in two hours.

Can I use Little Greene on vinyl, MDF or already painted doors?

Yes, you can - but you should first configure the interface withIntelligent ASP (our All Surface Primer).


  1. Make sure the wood is completely dry before painting.
  2. Stir Intelligent Satinwood thoroughly before use. Apply the first coat evenly and let it dry. Paint the panels in even strokes in the same direction as the grain.
  3. Doors will be touch dry within 2 to 4 hours, but you will need to wait 4 hours before applying the second coat.
  4. Apply the second coat of Intelligent Satinwood.
  5. It is recommended to apply two coats of Intelligent Satinwood to achieve full color depth.
  6. Once dry, reattach the doors to the hinges and then reattach the handles – done!

Painting tips from our experts

  1. Paint the panels in even strokes in the same direction as the grain.
  2. For flat kitchen doors, we recommend a roller with a cover made of short-pile wool for a beautiful result.
  3. For structured surfaces, choose a slightly longer pile to ensure an even and thorough application of paint.
  4. Make sure to make all brush strokes in the same direction at the end and to always keep the edges moist.
  5. Never paint over paint that has already dried, as this will result in unsightly transitions.


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