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Inspiration for your hallway

Living ideas for your home

Elevate your entryway or hallway with a design that flows seamlessly from room to room. Hallways are often narrow areas with little natural light. With cleverly chosen colors you can conjure up warmth and...
Bring brightness into a small room and create a welcoming reception.
Browse through our image gallery for inspiring decoration ideas that suit your needs
Make a grand entrance at home!

Beech Nut - Florence Hallway

Originally used in a colorful, flocked, floral border, the leaf and nut element was produced in a more subdued gray color using the lock printing process. While significantly more colorful, the six contemporary interpretations all utilize a similarly balanced color palette and the distinctive, artisanal texture of a surface-printed paper.

The colors match:

Slaked Lime 105

Tea with Florence 310

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Hallways are often viewed as an afterthought, but they are actually the first impression of your personal style that your guests capture. So choose a color that adds warmth and invitation to your hallway and creates a seamless feeling from room to room.

Corridor - Aviaries

Featuring 1950s style doves, ribbons and flowers, this more modern wallpaper find is a reinterpretation of an 18th century design. This wallpaper was found in Oxburgh Hall and a photograph from the archive shows that it was used in one of the bedrooms in a private upstairs family room. The wallpaper is a visible reminder of the last days when Oxburgh Hall was still in the family.

The colors match:

French Gray 113

French Gray - Pale

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Pompeian Ash Hallway

One of the most unusual country houses in Britain, the 200-year-old Ickworth House in Suffolk was built as the private residence of the eccentric globetrotter Frederick Hervey on an estate the family had owned since the mid-15th century. The 19th-century design of the Pompeian Room was based on ancient frescoes found at the Villa Negroni in Rome. At Ickworth House, this dark gray-green took over from black in the impressive Palladian color scheme.

The colors match:

Ceviche 230

Giallo 337

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Broadwick Street hallway

Found in an elegant early 18th century terraced house on Broadwick Street in Soho, this design is notable for being based on a botanically accurate reproduction of the Clusia Rosea plant. It was first listed in 1743 in the famous book The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands by Robert Catesby.

This color goes with:

Jewel Beetle 303

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Citrine corridor

In a north facing room we recommend using this with a pale greenish yellow or a chocolate brown color. Our Little Greene color Citrine fits perfectly here.

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Sackville Street hallway

This is one of the largest and best-preserved patterns in the archive and was found in the back bedroom of a house built for “petty nobles”. A great all-over paper for the perfect appearance in your hallway.

The colors match:

Theater Red 192

Chocolate 124

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Madeleine Hall

This muted gold color elegantly serves the space between muted yellow and warm neutral. The name comes from the delicate, shell-shaped sponge cakes that the French Romantic writer Marcel Proust enjoyed eating as a boy. They are later mentioned in his monumental literary work "In Search of Lost Time"; "Madeleine de Proust" has subsequently become an informal term for a childhood memory triggered by the senses.

Use Madeleine as the main wall color in a calm, inviting room. For example, bring Bombolone into the paneling as a darker complementary tone, for a contemporary take on this charming neutral yellow hue.

Madeleine is a color from the new SWEET TREATS Little Greene collection.

These colors match:

Linen wash 33

Portland Stone 77

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Whitehall hallway

This wallpaper, which has clear French influences, was found in the county of Surrey in a medieval building that once housed a school. The floral lattice pattern was undoubtedly inspired by textile designs, as linen and cotton flannel printed in this way became very popular in the mid-18th century.

The colors match:

Lead Color 117

Slaked Lime 105

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Little Greene in the Vintage Kontor

If you have any questions or need help choosing wallpaper or colors, please feel free to contact us HERE and we will call you back or stop by our store in Kirchen/Sieg . We also have wallpaper samples and all colors in stock in small sample containers.