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Die Saftpresse kommt am 11. Oktober ins Vintage Kontor -

The juicer will come to the Vintage Kontor in October 2024

As in 2023, the apple press will come to us again this year in October.

You can find impressions from the last Apple Day HERE

With a day all about apples, the Vintage Kontor would like to set an example against food waste and for sustainability in churches. The Privat will take place in October 2024 (the exact date will be announced later). Kelterei Junge from the Westerwald to the Vintage Kontor in the parking lot. If you register in advance, anyone can bring their apples and have them processed into juice inexpensively. Cost per liter: depending on the quantity filled, approx. 1 euro.

On average, only ten percent of apples from private gardens are processed, the rest ends up unused in the compost: delicious, juicy apples full of healthy vitamins.

Especially in our apple-rich region, tons of apples rot every year. They can now be saved: Be it from your own garden, from a neighbor, from orchards - there are apples everywhere that are waiting to be processed into juice. This juice is not only healthier than the one from the supermarket, but also more aromatic and guaranteed free of pesticides. 


All church members and beyond are encouraged to use the weekend before Apple Day to collect and deliver mountains of apples on Monday. And the Vintage Kontor is launching even more apple-related activities: for children there is an Apple Saver certificate with the quantity supplied, as well as a small creative workshop on the subject of apples in the afternoon.

Of course, the Vintage Kontor is also open, where you can browse the vintage treasures to your heart's content with apple pie, coffee and juice. The filling takes place in bottles you bring with you or in bags in boxes of different sizes. This means the juice lasts for a long time and provides vitamins throughout the winter.

Pre-registration is absolutely necessary, the appointment coordination takes place directly via the Privatkelterei Junge: Telephone 0170-3838689, Benjamin Junge,

 We look forward to seeing you!


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