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Wandglanz mit Little Greene -

Wall shine with Little Greene

They shimmer, they shine and they exude quality and opulence: LITTLE GREENE has given some classic designs a shiny shimmer in their metallic wallpapers. Layers of silver and gold reflect the light, giving the motifs and the room a special liveliness.

Dezent glänzend, aber lebhaft beeindruckend: Die Tapete Brodsworth Empress.

Subtly shiny, but vividly impressive: the wallpaperBrodsworth Empress.

Classic metallic colors are gold and silver. The metallic look is particularly elegant when uniform colors such as black, cream or white are combined. A mix of shimmering walls and simple furniture in dark colors looks very elegant.

Schimmernde Details wandeln sich je nach Lichteinfall - wie hier bei der Tapete Richmond Green Platinum.

Shimmering details change depending on the light - like here with the wallpaper Richmond Green Platinum.

Entire walls or even just a shimmering highlight in metallic colors have a great effect: living spaces that lack that certain something are given a glamorous aura. Especially in rooms where there is a lot of movement, such as in the hallway, the choice of wallpaper can be made a little bolder. A harmonious overall picture can be easily created with the colors of LITTLE GREENE, which are always perfectly coordinated with the wallpaper colors.

Die Sockelleiste greift hier den Grundton der Tapete Pall Mall Canton Gold auf, die Zierleiste passt zum Goldton – so wird der Metallic-Look perfekt abgerundet.

The skirting board here takes up the basic tone of the wallpaper Pall Mall Canton on, the trim matches the tone - so the metallic look is perfectly rounded off.

Shimmering wallpapers reflect light and can make rooms appear brighter and larger. Silver radiates calm, while golden tones give the room more warmth.

The wallpapers from LITTLE GREENE are primarily non-woven wallpapers, which means that the paste is applied directly to the wall. There is no need to soak, the wallpaper is easy to apply and position. In addition, it neither expands when it comes into contact with paste nor contracts when it dries. Thanks to this easy handling, nothing stands in the way of refining your own walls.

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