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Tapetenwechsel mit Little Greene -

Change of scenery with Little Greene

Over the past year, many people have become more aware of their home and decided to make some changes. Painting walls is often preferred to wallpapering as a quick and easier solution. But with LITTLE GREENE wallpapers, this type of wall design can also be implemented quickly and can achieve a great effect

Das Muster der Tapete Asterid Nightshade erstreckt sich über eine Breite von 1,56m.

The pattern of the Asterid Nightshade wallpaper extends over a width of 1.56m.

It's not always necessary to wallpaper an entire room. A wall as a highlight is usually enough to give the room a completely new look. A special eye-catcher are large-format wallpapers, i.e. with motifs that extend over several panels. Although it requires a little more precision to get the motif's connections exactly right, this is easier than expected with the non-woven wallpapers from LITTLE GREENE: the wallpaper paste can be applied directly to the wall. The wallpaper is then placed and can be easily moved until the pattern fits perfectly with the previous panel.

Das Muster der Tapete Beton Scenic kann in 3,12m oder 1,56m Breite angebracht werden.

The Belton Scenic wallpaper pattern can be applied in 3.12m or 1.56m width.

Belton Scenic is a very special wallpaper in large format. Available in Sunbeam , Pavilion and Oyster colorways, its design is spread over either three or six panels. Six panels result in a total width of 3.12m and are delivered on two rolls.

Farben der Tapete auf den übrigen Wänden zu wiederholen erzeugt eine harmonische Optik.

Repeating the colors of the wallpaper on the remaining walls creates a harmonious look.

So that the wallpaper can fit harmoniously into the overall look of the room, it is advisable to use a color of the wallpaper on the remaining walls. In the Belton Scenic Pavilion wallpaper, for example, the colors Pearl Color Pale and James pick up the tones of the birds in the motif and integrate the eye-catching pattern into a calm room scheme.


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