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Purchase of goods

Are you buying up too?

We are asked this question again and again.

Yes, we're doing that! However, we are not the classic household clearer.

People are often overwhelmed by the situation: a household full of stuff stands like a mountain in front of them, and no one really knows what to do with the family pieces that have been valued and cared for for decades.

The time pressure: As soon as the bereavement has occurred, the apartment or house often has to be emptied in no time. There is often no time for emotions: Is there anything valuable or is the time for the once expensive furniture simply over? Where to put antiques, 1960s pieces, household items, etc.

We definitely know what needs to be done, which things still have value and can contribute one or two ideas.

Emotional and real values ​​are often an issue. Things that were once valuable are often no longer valuable today. However, the reverse can also be the case.

We help to set the right priorities so that as many of the things as possible continue to be used by selling or brokering them.

We also like to buy furniture, ceramics, decorations, curiosities from the 20s to the 80s, things that suit us and our concept.

But we are also happy to pass on our competent contacts in the field when it comes to genuine antiques, coins, etc.

Not a “raid squad”, but at eye level, that is our motto.

It is important to us to talk to people and to provide advice on site.

Feel free to talk to us!

Write us a message below or, best of all, send us a few photos directly to so that we have an initial overview.

Please get in touch before the container arrives, because things that are still interesting to others are often disposed of. We would be happy to make a non-binding and free on-site appointment.