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Vintage blog

  • "Kreative Powerfrauen" aus dem Magazin Hannes -

    "Kreative Powerfrauen" aus dem Magazin Hannes

    Aus der Ausgabe vom Mai 2024 "In den letzten Monaten hat sich das im Sommer 2023 von Johanna Bolz eröffnete Vintage Kontor in Kirchen an der Sieg zum Kulturort, Treffpunkt und Kommunikationsraum entwickelt. Der schöne Rahmen des liebevoll eingerichteten Vintage-Ladens...

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  • Was für eine Verwandlung! -

    What a transformation!

    The dark colonial-style table was getting old and no longer fit in with the customer's fresh, modern ambience. The young mother did not want to replace the beautifully shaped and sturdy table and had very specific ideas about what the...

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  • Das Vintage Kontor als Veranstaltungslocation -

    The Vintage Kontor as an event location

    The special vintage event location between Siegerland / Westerwald. The Vintage Kontor is actually a vintage shop full of vintage furniture and treasures from the period between 1900 and the 80s, a hidden object full of decorative ideas, beautifully arranged...

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  • Upcycling von Chippendale Möbeln -

    Upcycling Chippendale furniture

    Some furniture just looks boring and unspectacular, but has a lot of potential that you have to realize. The important thing is that they have to be stable and robust, and the shape has to be somehow cool and special....

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  • Thonetstühle aus den 60gern komplett aufgefrischt -

    Thonet chairs from the 60s completely refreshed

    We did magic again and completely refreshed these great, simple Thonet chairs from the 60s for a dear customer. The chairs were made in our workshop completely disassembled, sanded, newly painted black with the color Jack Black from Little Greene,...

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  • Farben und Tapeten von LITTLE GREENE -

    LITTLE GREENE in the Vintage Kontor

    The trend towards coziness continues: A new, colorful zeitgeist is influencing our furniture and living environment. The trends at the IMM interior design fair in Cologne show a development that is linked to a change in mood in society. The bad...

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