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Brake disc workshop, that sounds strange at first.

At the beginning of April 2024, we held a workshop where participants were able to plant discarded brake discs with succulents and sempervivums under the expert guidance of Peter Mecklenburg, aka Kopflastig Garten .

Workshop on planting brake discs at Vintage Kontor

Peter had the idea for the brake discs last summer: these round, rusty things with holes are actually the perfect plant pots. The idea became a real hype on Instagram. With the funny hashtag "Brake discs conquer the world" you can now find many creations on the internet.

Workshop on planting brake discs at Vintage Kontor

In the best weather, 8 garden-mad people met with Peter at our Vintage Kontor. They talked shop, networked and had a lot of fun planting the round car parts. The results are really impressive.

With fresh waffles, coffee, cappuccino and cold drinks, the afternoon was a complete event.

Workshop on planting brake discs at Vintage Kontor

We are planning further workshops on the topic of upcycling and DIY.

The Vintage Kontor location has definitely proven itself.

Ideas are always welcome!

And if you are a workshop leader looking for a cool location, please contact us.

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