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Overview of the LITTLE GREENE color types

Each LITTLE GREENE color is available in different color types. Which one you need depends on the surface and the application. Here we have created a brief overview of the different color types. 

If you need more information and application instructions, you can also find the links here: 

Absolute matt emulsion

A very matt and chalky paint, the effect of which is created by the intensive pigmentation and the high quality of the materials used. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and offices where a classic matt finish is preferred. 

You can find more information about Absolute Matt Emulsion HERE


Intelligent Matt Emulsion

An environmentally friendly paint designed to combine functionality with fantastic depth of color and a matt finish. It is ideal for a range of surfaces that need to withstand the demands of everyday life. It is the ideal choice for heavily used rooms such as hallways, kitchens, living rooms and children's rooms. The paint can also be used on wood and radiators. (gloss level 5%)

You can find more information about Intelligent Matt Emulsion HERE


Smart Eggshell

Intelligent Eggshell is the most popular paint indoors. It is water-based and quite matt with a gloss level of 15%. With the right primer it can be used for doors, wooden furniture, kitchen cabinets and even radiators. There is also a special application: It can be used as a particularly robust variant for walls, for example on a kitchenette or in staircases.

You can find more information about Intelligent Eggshell HERE


Intelligent Satinwood

This paint is even more robust than Intelligent Eggshell. Also for indoor use and water-based. With a gloss level of 30-35% it is shinier. It can be used with the right primer on furniture, tables, built-ins or kitchen cabinets.

You can find more information about Intelligent Satinwood HERE


Intelligent Gloss

If you prefer a high-gloss varnish, go with Intelligent Gloss. This Little Greene varnish has a gloss level of 85% and is also completely water-based. With the right primer it can be used inside and outside for wooden furniture, radiators and if you want, even on walls. Whether you prefer Intelligent Eggshell or Intelligent Gloss simply depends on your personal taste. Just a tip: the shinier the paint, the more likely you are to see any flaws in the surface.

You can find more information about Intelligent Gloss HERE


Intelligent Floor Paint

This floor paint is water-based and for indoor living areas. It is available in all Little Greene colors. With a gloss level of 30-40% it is silky matt. It can be used with the right primer on wooden and concrete floors. It also has the wonderful depth of color of Little Greene colors.

You can find more information about Intelligent Floor Paint HERE


Intelligent Exterior Eggshell

Little Greene offers Intelligent Exterior Eggshell as a matt paint for outdoor use. It is suitable for wood and metal (if primed), is water-based and at only 15% is a comparatively matt varnish. It can even be applied to raw wood without a primer. However, if the wood is knotty (knots), then you first need a knot primer, otherwise knotty spots will come through as paint stains.

You can find more information about Intelligent Exterior Eggshell HERE


Interior Oil Eggshell

Hard yet flexible, durable and water-resistant oil-based paint, specifically designed for use on suitably prepared indoor surfaces. Improved application properties and longer processability support the success of a very high-quality coating with a low gloss.

You can find more information about Interior Eggshell HERE


Traditional Oil Gloss

A flexible, durable, washable and waterproof high gloss oil based alkyd varnish for indoor and outdoor applications. Suitable for bathroom and kitchen furniture as well as radiators and doors with high demands on pre-treated wood, metal and plastic. Traditional Oil Gloss is particularly characterized by its homogeneous processing and high coverage.

You can find more information about Traditional Oil Gloss HERE


Tom's Oil Eggshell

Tom's Oil Eggshell is the paint of choice for one of Little Greene's senior chemists. This opaqueoil-based wood varnish has an excellently homogeneous flow and gives pre-treated wood and metal a wonderful satin finish.

You can find more information about Tom's Oil Eggshell HERE


Distemper (distemper)

For mineral substrates or clay plaster indoors, there is the breathable Distemper from Little Greene. This is a traditional, decorative paint for interior ceilings and walls made from lime and linseed oil. It's super beautiful, breathable and just like it used to be. But as I said, they need a suitable surface. If in doubt, we also advise you to ask your painter. The application requires a bit of specialist knowledge. Not available in all colors and only available to order. Delivery time 1-2 weeks. But very important: This product must be processed within 2 weeks. In principle it lasts longer, but the color starts to change.

You can find more information about Distemper HERE


Intelligent Masonry Paint (facade finish paint)

For exterior walls there is Masonry Paint - a facade paint. It is a 100% acrylic paint (house paint) that only has 5% gloss, so it is matt. Your house will become a real English jewel. Note: Because there is UV light outdoors, colors look different than indoors where there is artificial light. Please keep this in mind when choosing colors, which are best suited to the outside. Masonry Paint is available in almost all colors. We advise you to call in an expert painter for processing. Here too, you need a suitable surface to which the paint can be applied.

You can find more information about Intelligent Masorny Paint HERE


Limewash (lime color)

Limewash (water-based lime paint) is a matt protective coating made from hydrated lime for exterior walls. It is delivered ready to be diluted and applied immediately afterwards.

You can find more information about linewash HERE


Intelligent ASP (primer)

This is almost a magic primer. It is suitable for all Little Greene paints. Inside and outside. It was developed by Little Greene in 2019 and greatly improves adhesion on many surfaces. The primer is water-based, but is also the right primer for Little Greene's oil-based paints. So it is a universal primer, but it contains very high-quality materials. With us you can get the primer pre-tinted in your desired color. This means the final color comes out even better

You can find more information about Intelligent APS HERE


Wall primer sealer

If you have a wall that has been newly filled with dispersion putty or plaster and has dried, then this is the right primer to prepare it for painting with Absolut Matt Emulsion or Intelligent Matt Emulsion. The adhesion is improved, the absorbency is reduced and the color comes out even better. This primer is also suitable for preparing the exterior facade paint. Not for lime or silicate substrates. Water based.

 You can find more information about the Wall Primer Sealer HERE


Aluminum primer undercoat

Used to prepare wood with knots. The Intelligent All Surface Primer is not enough. For all Little Greene paints inside and outside. Attention: oil based. Background: There is natural lignin in knots, which leads to color changes in the paint. Without this primer, over time you will get yellow spots that come out of the knots. The Aluminum Wood Primer blocks this. You need it especially for spruce and pine. As a rule, do not use beech because there are no knots. Then use Intelligent All Surface Primer from Little Greene.  

You can find more information about the aluminum primer undercoat HERE


If you have any questions, please feel free to write to usHERE a message or visit us in our Concept store in Kirchen / Sieg and get advice.