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Versandkostenfrei ab einem Bestellwert 65 Euro
Versandkostenfrei ab 65 Euro

Tom's Oil Eggshell


A high quality modified and flexible oil based opaque wood varnish. With an extremely durable weather and UV resistance,
as well as excellent flow properties. For use on soft and hardwood outdoors. Suitable for wooden facades, windows, doors and other wood construction work. Conforms to BS 4310 Lead Free.


  • Gloss level: 10-20%* Flash point 38°C
  • Theoretical coverage: 14-16 sqm / liter (varies depending on surface porosity and structure)
  • Time until recoating*: at least 16 hours, maximum unlimited after suitable preparation.
  • Recommended dry layer thickness: 25-30 micrometers per layer
  • Volume solids: approx. 50%
  • Recommended coatings: 2 coats
  • Hand dry: 2-3 hours 
  • Available colors: The full Little Greene, NCS and RAL color range
  • Shelf life: at least 12 months Available pack sizes 1 + 2.5 liters

* Achieving the final gloss level can take up to seven days and depends on the layer thickness and drying conditions.


New wood: Untreated softwood lumber should be pre-treated with a wood impregnation primer. For best results on new uncoated wood that is resinous and has naturally resinous knots, apply two coats of Little Greene Aluminum Wood Primer to prevent discoloration before the base coat.

Smoothly planed wood should be thoroughly sanded and cleaned. It must be ensured that the surface of the wood is dry and free of contamination and dust. Rough sawn lumber should also be free of dust and other contaminants and cleaned when necessary. Coating construction with two coats of Little Greene Aluminum Wood Primer followed by two coats of Tom’s Oil Eggshell.

Existing paint: Remove all loose substrate and chips from the existing paint. Degrease with a suitable one
Cleaning solution, such as lye, followed by a thorough water rinse. Thoroughly sand with medium grit sandpaper to obtain a flat and intact surface and to even out areas where the paint has been removed.

Make any repairs, sand and apply primer as necessary to the paint-free surface. Coat construction with one or two coats of Little Greene Tom’s Oil Eggshell.

Little Greene Tom’s Oil Eggshell must not be used on waxed surfaces. Painted surfaces must be completely removed from wax or cleaned using suitable means.

Metals: New ferrous metal components should be cleaned by hand or mechanically. Any surface rust must be removed and then primed with Little Greene Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat. Non-ferrous metals must be pretreated and primed with a suitable primer. Not suitable for accessible areas, such as wooden terraces.


Component and air temperature should be above 10 ° C at the time of application and at least 3 ° C above the dew point when curing. When processing, avoid temperatures above 25 °C. Before use, make sure the moisture content of the wood is below 15%. Damp wood should never be painted as this can cause bubbling, peeling, cracking and premature destruction of the paint layer. Avoid painting work if there is a risk of rain or frost during application and drying time.


Little Greene Tom’s Oil Eggshell comes ready to use. Stir thoroughly before use and after long breaks. A professional finish is created by lightly sanding between the coatings and removing the sanding dust. The application and application should always comply with the general rules of technology and processing guidelines.

Brush: Use a high-quality natural hair brush, appropriate size for the application. New brushes should be washed by washing in clean water and dried thoroughly with a clean lint-free cloth. Do not immerse the brush too deeply in the paint so that the paint does not get under the clamping ring. Avoid drips and splashes by not picking up too much paint with the brush. Apply paint evenly and only expand the painting area so that areas that are still damp can still be applied. For best results, always apply the final brush strokes in the same direction and never paint over paint that has already begun to dry.

Roller: For best results on smooth surfaces, use a short-pile mohair roller. Always carry out the last roller movements in the same direction and connect to the damp areas. Never paint over paint that has already begun to dry, as this will result in visible overlapping and streaking.

Spray application:
Dilute with up to: 10-20% solvent-based thinner
Nozzle Size: 2.00mm
Air pressure: 0.4 MPa (60 psi)
Dilute with up to: 0-10% solvent-based thinner
Nozzle size: 0.33 MPa (13 thou)
Pressure at nozzle: 12 MPa (1700 psi)


The devices must be cleaned with white spirit immediately after use.


Dispose of excess paint or waste through an approved waste operator. Empty metal containers can be recycled (removing plastic handle from 2.5L container).


Before using the product, read the safety data sheet and the warnings on the label. To avoid inhaling the spray mist, wear a respiratory mask and avoid skin contact by using gloves and use other personal protective equipment. In case of contact, eyes should be washed with plenty of water. Seek medical treatment immediately. Ensure maximum ventilation during processing and drying. Wash skin thoroughly with cleanser and soap or water. Product is flammable due to sparks or flames. Do not smoke during processing and drying.


Manufactured in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems). 2004/42 / EC EU limit value for this product (Cat.A / e SB): 400 g/l (2010). This product contains a maximum of 399 g/l.