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Upcycling Chippendale furniture

Some furniture just looks boring and unspectacular, but has a lot of potential that you have to realize. The important thing is that they have to be stable and robust, and the shape has to be somehow cool and special.

We were able to upcycle two Chippendale pieces of furniture for a dear customer. Petra came with a creative fabric from her fabric and quilt shop quilts came to us and had the two pieces of furniture with him. The Viennese weave bench and table were intended to be eye-catching focal points for the store, in keeping with their fabric theme.

Together we then chose a suitable color for the furniture.

The result is impressive: a great gray from Little Greene.

The selected finish: Intelligent Eggshell . This finish is perfect for furniture as it is durable and wipeable. 

The Viennese braid can also be painted very well, but you have to keep a few things in mind: The paint is diluted a little more than usual and then dabbed on with a brush. The Viennese braid must dry thoroughly between color applications. The result is impressive!

The wild bench with the table look great in Petra's shop, which is also recommended: 

In addition to accessories and machines for quilting, you can also find great and very special fabrics! Take a look in Daaden. 

Do you also have an upcycling project that we can support you with? Then you can find out HERE more. Just write to us or stop by our shop in Kirchen/Sieg. 




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