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Ein musikalisches Highlight: Mrs. Lavenders Jazzkapelle -

A musical highlight in the Vintage Kontor: Mrs. Lavender's jazz band

Last Thursday (December 7th), the Vintage Kontor at Kirchener Hauptstraße 17 was transformed into a musical hotspot. The smart and highly musical trio Mrs. Lavender's Jazz Chapel, led by the Betzdorf organist, songwriter and singer Nadine Altmann, ensured an unforgettable evening from 7 p.m.

The 43-year-old multi-talented Nadine Altmann presented herself as a musical fictional character at the center of the action. With her jazz band, she took the listeners into the deep blues sounds of her inner life and the rousing sound of her band. The performance was complemented by an old, fully packed suitcase, which not only brought the jazz band to the stage, but also a touch of nostalgia.

The atypical trio, consisting of Hammond organ and keyboards, drums as well as trumpet, saxophone and flugelhorn, played by big band leader Gregor Groß from Nistertal, presented a fascinating mixture of jazz harmonies and rock'n'roll attitudes. Most of the titles impressed with German texts written by Nadine Altmann on the keyboard.

The choice of the Vintage Kontor as the venue turned out to be perfect. Owner Johanna Bolz not only creates a space for antique treasures, but also regularly organizes events of all kinds in her cozy “retro at home”. The concert was well attended, admission was free, and at the end of the evening the band had a well-filled donation hat.

The songs of Mrs. Lavender's jazz band tell stories from everyday life, about partnerships "in which everything is not always rosy," as Gregor Groß explained. There was a short anecdote for each song. Nadine Altmann, who worked in a pharmacy for a long time, incorporated her experiences into one of her songs because "it's just supposed to describe life, that's life," says Nadine Altmann. The audience recognized the band with applause.

A piece for the deceased father
The concert became emotional when Nadine Altmann dedicated a piece to her late father. The atmosphere was charged and the power behind the song “Flügel” was noticeable to everyone. Gregor Groß thanked the audience and emphasized that a jazz band would not be the same without its listeners.

Nadine Altmann provided insights into the formation of the band and explained why the name "Lavender" was chosen: "Lavender, i.e. purple, means love, creativity and playfulness to me." As a small souvenir, the audience received lavender seeds that anyone can plant at home.

The evening culminated in the piece "The Old Lady", which Nadine Altmann dedicated to her organ, and Stefan Altmann's humorous story about "Buffalo Bill". A smiling Stefan explained: "Sometimes you just want a partner like Buffalo Bill who can shoot fast."

The concert by Mrs. Lavender's jazz band in the Vintage Kontor will certainly be remembered as a musical highlight that touched the hearts of the listeners and underlined the special nature of the band. 

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