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Ran an die Gartenmöbel mit Intelligent Exterior Eggshell -

Get to the garden furniture with Intelligent Exterior Eggshell

Yay, the first snowdrops are peeking out of the ground. Ok, it's only mid-February, but we're not deterred and are working on the spring fever.

Have you already swept away the remaining leaves from last year? And spotted the garden furniture?

We think: Now is the perfect time to give your garden furniture a fresh coat of paint. In between there are days with sun that are perfect for activities like sanding and painting. With birds chirping in the fresh air, this is the right work to prepare for spring.

Let's go, get your outdoor furniture ready with the exterior paint from Little Greene, Intelligent Exterior Eggshell, a matt paint for outdoor use.

It is suitable for wood and metal (if primed beforehand), it is water-based. The matte varnish can even be applied to raw wood without a primer. However, if the wood is knotty (with knots), then you first need a knot primer, otherwise stains will come through as paint stains. This is especially the case with spruce/fir woods.

The Exterior Eggshell paint is super durable, weather and UV resistant. And: It is resistant to fungus and algae growth.

Investing in high-quality paint is worth it. 

The paint also adheres to pre-treated metal, which gives you the opportunity to paint garden furniture or fences made of metal and wood in the same color. 

Professional tip: After the first coat, roughen the surface very slightly with a fine sanding sponge. Then the second layer will adhere even better and the result will be even more even.

So, get to your garden house, the garden furniture, the neighbor's fence, the kids' playhouse, etc. You'll definitely think of something! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we can help and give tips! 

By the way, we also have good professional painting tools such as brushes, rollers and adhesive tape from Storch - in the online shop and in the store.

We look forward to your visit

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