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Black Friday, nope, not with us! Green instead of black!

Just in time for Black Friday, retailers all over Europe are offering special discount campaigns in both retail and online stores.  

As individual item dealers, we cannot and do not want to take part in this. For us, it is very labor-intensive to continually find and offer beautiful pieces. This involves a lot of research, travel time and, last but not least, a certain amount of risk. Because your instinct isn't always right, and then individual pieces lie in stores and online shops for ages.

We don't stock mass-produced goods.

For us, every day is a “Green Day” because we love vintage and want to delight you again and again with our sustainable, unique pieces. Every single part - whether furniture or decorative piece - has already had a long time behind it, has been used, loved or protected and valued for many years. Every piece is “true vintage”, i.e. really old and curated by us. Some are in perfect condition - almost like new, others shine with an inimitable patina, which also has a special charm.  

Making your own consumption more conscious is becoming more and more a trend that really makes sense and conserves resources. Vintage furniture is often of a much better quality than newly produced furniture - and it already exists, so it doesn't need to be produced again. And if you look closely, some trends are currently experiencing a new edition. And if you look closely, some pieces have great shape and quality, and just need a little touch-up with paint, or just need to be refreshed.  

The advantages of second hand / vintage are unbeatable: more sustainable, more individual, more resource-friendly.  

We look forward to your visit – online or in our beautiful store in Kirchen!


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