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Wir mischen mit - Feine Farben und Lacke von Little Greene -

We get involved - fine paints and varnishes from Little Greene

Now we have the premium color from Little Greene freshly mixed directly from us!

When we started planning our vintage shop in Kirchen / Sieg at the beginning of 2023, the topic of upcycling and interior design suddenly came to the fore. So far we only had vintage furniture, Lamps, Vases, Deco and other individual items were sold online, now we had to set up an entire store with 180 square meters and put all the individual items in the spotlight.  

The store should be inviting, invite you to discover and meet, Event- and feel-good oasis. In this development process we needed color. And also for upcycling and saving furniture we needed paint: We wanted to show that paint and sandpaper are enough to give an ugly duckling a new shine and that no new furniture production is necessary.

There is so much furniture that is cool and just needs a little sprucing up. When researching for a suitable manufacturer, we experienced a few failures in terms of quality and also in terms of the authenticity of the color suggested on color cards. The statement “There are always deviations” is common with paint from the hardware store, but some of them were so blatant that they were completely unacceptable for us. After some research, Little Greene comes into our focus. From then on everything went very smoothly.
We are super happy with the decision to work with Little Greene and represent Little Greene as a dealer.
A little Greene paint mixing machine moved into our home some time ago. That means: We freshly mix every color the extensive Little Greene color cards in every finish for you! To take away directly or for our online customers quickly and easily via DHL package.

We can also fulfill special requests for an expanded color card.   
This means: There is the right finish of the highest quality, freshly mixed, for every need: wall paint, paint for furniture, wooden surfaces, masonry, PVC, heating, tiles, floors, metal, as well as for inside and outside.

And all of this with us, to take with you, so you can get started straight away. Many Little Greene shades are based on natural ingredients, such as mineral pigments such as iron and transition metals that have been used for centuries. The impressive depth of color is created by a complex formulation and up to 40% more pigments than standard colors. This creates shades of color that change in subtle nuances in the changing light and form the true character of the color. Let yourself be inspired!

The best thing: We offer sensible advice on the use and selection of the fantastic colors from England, because we know from our own experience: There is so much information on the subject Color, no one looks through the color every day has to do. Since we use and apply the color ourselves every day, the information is also authentic and from life. We look forward to seeing you!
The team from Vintage Kontor and Hildegard – that’s what we named our mixing machine. 😉
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