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Vintage Kontor - a team for old treasures

In the beginning there was an idea and enthusiasm for old things. This idea became the Vintage Kontor in the summer of 2020, in the middle of the Corona period. Actually intended as a purely online shop, the Vintage Kontor Concept Store in Kirchen / Sieg developed from this.

We are now a small, great team of vintage friends who have fun, the necessary specialist knowledge and craftsmanship and make the Vintage Kontor a creative and colorful place with a message. Why buy new when there are so many beautiful things already available. 



I am Johanna, the founder and creative head of Vintage Kontor.

Old things have been with me all my life. I just love special unique pieces, handcrafted ceramics, art, wood and rusty beautiful things. 

But my old job, event management, doesn't let me go either. Therefore, the Vintage Kontor is not just a shop, but also a small event location and a place of communication for sustainable topics and exciting people.

What drives me: The idea of ​​sustainability is the most important topic for me. I want to get people excited about old things and convey the topic of circular economy with joy and fun. It's not about giving up, it's about seeing things differently.


Trained retail salesman and enthusiastic DIY fan.

Sebastian completed his commercial training in the area of ​​paints and varnishes in a hardware store and has always enjoyed working with craftsmen and implementing creative projects. He loves wood and colors and is never at a loss for an idea: “You can do something with it” is one of his mottos. 

Sebastian is responsible for the paint and wallpaper in the store. There he advises customers with genuine enthusiasm for Little Greene's great products and gives good tips for implementing painting and DIY projects.

He is also the man in the workshop for the creative redesign of furniture and objects. His advice really comes from practical experience and personal enthusiasm.



Creative, versatile and never at a loss for a solution.  

He has a black belt in Tetris - it's unbelievable how many things he can load into vehicles at once. Another core competency: finding things!
He tracked down all the special elements of our shop equipment. And he doesn't stop at any bollards either.

By the way, Christian is also responsible for the perfect sound in the store. You can admire his passion for vinyl and vintage hi-fi devices in our vinyl lounge in the store.



Our future trainee Tom has already been in the team for a few months.

He works primarily in the commercial area, but his tasks also include warehouse logistics and shipping.

Tom's quirky sense of humor and his pragmatic and direct manner are really special. 

Fun Fact: Tom's passion for old linen and fabrics is the reason why we have so many great vintage textiles in our store.

He also knows every old housewife's trick and knows exactly how to bring old things back into shape.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Vintage Kontor.

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