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Farben und Tapeten von Little Greene im Vintage Kontor - Vintage Kontor

Colors and wallpaper from Little Greene in the Vintage Kontor

We are an official and enthusiastic partner of Little Greene. We offer the complete color range as well as the wallpaper collection. All items are available both online and in our store in Kirchen / Sieg.

When we started designing the store at the beginning of the year, it quickly became clear to us: we needed high-quality paint and wallpaper to complement our portfolio. After a lot of research into quality, product range and, above all, sustainability, only one provider came into question: the British paint manufacturer Little Greene. 

The first painting results with Little Greene paint on our store interior, for example on walls and furniture, confirmed the enthusiasm. Not only is the color fantastic to work with, it also covers perfectly and the result matches the color cards 100%. The radiance, depth of color and quality inspire us every day. The statements made by some manufacturers “there are always color differences” are simply not true. It actually depends on the product.

The yield is also a real plus: Due to the high pigment density, the color has an extremely high color depth and opacity. This not only saves paint, but also a lot of time.  

Little Greene is an independent British paint manufacturer committed to the social and environmentally friendly production of high quality paint and wallpaper for over 200 years. 

All Little Greene colors are available as high-quality colors for every application, not only for walls, ceilings and wood, but also for floors, masonry, front doors and heating systems.


Little Greene's eco-friendly paints and wallpapers are some of the best products available. Only the highest quality natural, organic and harmless synthetic pigments are used.


Little Greene's Absolute Matt Emulsion and all 'Intelligent' colors have been certified child safe according to the British safety standard BS EN71-3:2013 (also known as the 'Toy Directive'). These paints contain no dangerous ingredients, are safe to use in all areas of your family's home, and do not cause any health problems. 

We would like to pass on our enthusiasm and take our customers into the great world of colors and wallpapers at Little Greene. The extensive information such as color cards, painting patterns and small color samples for a first test coat help.

 What we offer:

  • Free color cards for a comfortable selection at home.
  • Free brochures with valuable tips and design ideas.
  • Reasonable advice from our trained colleagues. 
  • Small color samples for a first test coat at home.  
  • A creative atmosphere that might allow one or two ideas to mature. 
  • Our sample books contain additional suitable color recommendations and size information. This means nothing goes wrong when selecting the patterns.
  • We provide DinA4 wallpaper samples for decision-making at home. 
  • Of course, we also send the color samples as well as the color cards and brochures via our online shop.

We look forward to your visit to our concept store in Kirchen

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