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Nachhaltiger Messebau – geht das? - Vintage Kontor Messe, Messestand, Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainable trade fair construction – is it possible?

A stand at Husum Wind shows you how to do it! 

For the company CW Consult GmbH went to the Husum Wind trade fair last week. The topic of renewable energy is more important than ever, and the trade fair is constantly growing, both in terms of exhibitors and visitor numbers.

The claim of the customer, a consulting company from Siegerland: 

The trade fair stand should be sustainable, have good recognition value, contain reusable material, and be attractive and practical.    

The aim was to present the company, which has been active in the wind energy and photovoltaics market for 26 years, in a friendly and contemporary way: a reliable, loyal veteran with in-depth market knowledge who is always informed about current developments. A company that has remained fresh and modern with its small, very specialized team.  

Our approach was to work with vintage furniture.

A large servants' table from a traditional Westerwald pub was refurbished and we created different chairs in shades of blue to match.

Blue in a wide variety of shades is essentially the core color of the industry.  

The long table as the center of the stand invited people to have conversations, whether for personal 1:1 discussions or with a whole group.

We refinished all of the furniture using Little Greene colors. Plus two great old Chesterfield armchairs - basically the mother of all armchairs: large, comfortable, traditional. Here you could easily wait for a while.

The basic framework consists of a high-quality system building material and is therefore waste-free and is used again and again, the floor covering and the printed panels/wall fillings are stored and reused. The attractive full-surface wall design makes the otherwise simple system material appear completely different. An attractive trade fair stand that does not require any disposable material!

The conclusion: The stand was totally out of the ordinary in a positive sense. It was not uncommon for comments like: “The most attractive stand at the whole trade fair” or “that’s nice where you are”. The concept not only worked organizationally to ensure a smooth process, but was also very well received visually.

 But we also thought about the topic of sustainability:

Small snacks and sweets are a must at any trade fair. In order to make this topic sustainable, we have saved food at ordered. There are a lot of delicious things there that no longer make it into retail stores because of their short shelf life. That's not a problem for the trade fair, because the half-life of chocolate etc. is very short there anyway.

Take a look at the site!


So if you want to have a sustainable start to the next trade fair, please feel free to contact us. Conception, design and 3D visualization of sustainable trade fair stand concepts are important to us.

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