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Erfolgreiche Apfelsaft-Aktion im Vintage Kontor - Vintage Kontor Apfelsaft, Apfeltag, Event, Vintage Kontor

Successful apple juice campaign in the Vintage Kontor

A successful apple juice campaign in the Vintage Kontor is behind us.

Last Monday, Benjamin Junge's friendly team from Altenkirchen visited us with their mobile apple press. Despite the generally bad apple year, a total of around 3 tons of apples were processed into wonderful apple juice. Did you know that around 80% juice can be obtained from an apple? I was amazed at how much juice our few baskets of garden apples produced. The juice supply is definitely secured for this year.

It is unbelievable how many good apples end up rotting in orchards or gardens or in the compost bin every year. However, this waste can be processed into the best organic apple juice that is super fresh, unsprayed, regional and sustainable with short transport routes. With bag-in-box packaging, the packaging effort is minimal and the shelf life of the juice is optimal: once opened, the juice will last for a few weeks.

After production, the apple pomace, a waste product of juice production, was taken to a shepherdess to be fed to her fluffy companions. A feast! This meant that everything the apple produced was utilized.

The neighboring kindergarten visited us with a whole bunch of curious children to inspect the juice production. The children were able to print postcards with small, halved apples and take them with them as souvenirs. A bit of 70s vibes included. At the end, each child received an Apple Savior certificate.

By the way, our store offered delicious coffee and cake as well as the opportunity to browse our range.

We are already looking forward to the apple press and our apple event next year! The appointment will be announced in time!

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Christian Wallhäuser - October 19, 2023

Was für eine tolle nachhaltige Aktion! Hoffentlich können nächstes Jahr noch mehr Äpfel gerettet werden!

Daniel - October 18, 2023

Es war wirklich eine tolle Aktion und wir konnten ein paar von unseren Äpfeln zu leckerem Saft pressen lassen. Coole Sache ….

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