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Versandkostenfrei ab 50 Euro

Apothecary bottle | Choose your desired label | Apothecary jar | Glass bottle brown | Vintage | medicine

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Nice, old apothecary bottles made of amber glass with different labels. The bottle has a beveled neck and matching stoppers so that it closes tightly. The bottle is a great eye-catcher and makes a great vase. We clean the bottles conscientiously, but we cannot guarantee that we have removed all remains of the previous contents. Under no circumstances should the bottles be used as a drinking bottle or for storing food! Labels with red letters indicate toxic contents. Choose your desired size and just write a message with the label you want. The current selection: ---> 0.2 L <--- - TANNALBIN. PRO US. VET. - FRUCT. PIPER. NIGR. PLV. - WHEEL. IPECAC. PULV. (red label) - BOLUS RUBRA ---> 1.0 L <--- - Tinct. Zingiber. - Tinct. Rhei vinos. - Extr. Thymifld. - Tinct. Strychni (red label) - Tinct Tormentill. ---> 3.0 L <--- - SULFUR PRAECIPITAT. ---> 5.0 L <--- - SAL CAROL. FACT.
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