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Neue Zeiten erfordern neue Wege -

New times require new paths

Neue Zeiten erfordern neue Wege

After almost 20 years of event agency with many great projects, a path is now heading in a different direction.

Or let's put it another way: We build on experiences, think anew and create a new concept from the existing ingredients and experiences. It has always been a USP of Bolz Event to place special emphasis on scenes, atmosphere and special memories. Many events were clearly geared towards rich social media content. We still do that! The focus is now on the topic of vintage: old things whose value is characterized by their rarity, special design, traces of work and patina.

Loft 3 Kiste in einer Hausbar

We find unique pieces, old material, backgrounds for foodies and photographers, photo props, etc. 

But a home can also or especially be individual: the valuable, heavy old cast iron pot that exudes a story, the iconic vase from the 70s, the table made of old planks - just things that you don't get from the usual trading companies with a yellow logo.

The individual design of the environment is a need to express oneself and therefore a form of communication. Everyone has the power to tell a story, to play a role - especially now that our lives have changed so much.

And then sustainability. We preserve, rather than create, we just create new stories. We bring old things into a new context, into a new environment where they are valued again. Just think of the noodle soup: how deliciously fragrant it looks in an old tureen, with a large silver ladle. Can you smell it yet?    

Stop by and ask us. We also look for memories and fill your images in your head with old, tactile values.

Johanna Bolz, Inh. von Vintage Kontor 

Your Johanna






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