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Little Greene colors

Little Greene is a renowned brand of paint with character that has been around since 1773. The brand is known for its high-quality paints that contain natural components and have maximum enrichment with pigments, resulting in exceptional color depth and nuanced spatial effects.

Little Greene's extensive color chart offers a variety of hues and shades to satisfy customers' individual tastes and preferences. The rich palette makes it possible to harmoniously combine different colors, creating a unique atmosphere in the rooms.

Another important aspect of the brand is its environmental friendliness. By using natural ingredients and reducing harmful chemicals, the environmental impact is minimized, which is beneficial for both the environment and those using the paints.

Combining tradition, quality, extensive color selection and eco-friendly products, Little Greene has established itself as a popular choice for people looking for high quality colors with character and style for their spaces.

With us you will find paints, varnishes and primers for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. The different color types are:

You can find more information and application instructions by clicking on the corresponding color type.